First Steps to Becoming a Programmer

First Steps to Becoming a Programmer – Why do you want to start learning programming? This is a very important question and one you need to ask yourself before going any further. Do you want to make this a career? Or do you want to become a programmer because you think it’s ‘cool’?

Please answer honestly because the programming language you will learn later depends on your answer to the previous question. Today, there are several programming languages you can learn. However, it would be better if you knew what your learning goals were from the start.

As a newbie, you must know the initial stages of becoming a programmer so that you don’t make the wrong start. Here are some initial steps to becoming a programmer that you can follow.

Determine the field you want to master

In the current era, there are various types or fields of programming. When figuring out how to learn programming, you also need to think very carefully about the field you want to master in order to make it a profession or career. You also need to know some of the most popular types of programmers, which cover several fields below slot gacor.

Web Developer

Web developers or web developers can be separated into 2, namely front-end developers or front-end web developers (client side) and back-end or back-end developers (server side). A front-end web developer is responsible for writing the code that determines how a website looks and how its content is presented. Then, the back-end developer will store and provide the data behind the scenes to then display on the front-end.

Data Scientists

Data scientists or Data Scientists usually work in research or academia. They typically use the programming language Python exclusively to analyze and manipulate scientific data.

Database Administrator

Database administrators or Database Administrators have several roles. They are responsible for collecting large amounts of company data and then securing, organizing, and analyzing its performance.

Mobile App Developer

As the number of smartphone users increases, the demand for engaging mobile apps also increases. Mobile app development or mobile app development is quickly becoming one of the most profitable programming fields. You should also note that this type of freelance work as a mobile developer is very common nowadays.

Other Positions in the Field of Programming

Learning how to become a programmer can open up more opportunities. The above are just some of the most common programming jobs. If nothing interests you, do more research and find another job out there.

New job titles and positions are created all the time as technology develops. So, make sure you follow the latest industry news and network with fellow programmers.

Learn Programming Languages

Once you are sure about the programming field that you will study and master, you need to learn a language that is relevant to that field. For example, you need to learn SQL to become a data administrator, in addition you need to learn JavaScript to become a Front-End Web Developer, and several programming languages ​​such as Kotlin and Swift if you want to start creating mobile applications.

Below are some of the most popular programming languages ​​and their uses. You need to do research to ensure that you are learning the right language for the field you want to master.


The Python language is the right choice for those of you who want to work in the field of data analysis, software development, or almost any other programming field. Python is also used in several new technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Apart from Python, if you want to learn how to become a programmer quickly, also learn Java. The Java language is as powerful as Python because it is one of the most versatile languages ​​in the world.

This language is used for everything from Android mobile app development to back-end web app development, and you can learn it through Learn Java classes.


JavaScript is another versatile programming language that is used for many things. If you want to learn how to become a programmer, JavaScript could be a good place to start. This language is used for interactive front-end web design, back-end web app development, game development, and even in robotics!


Swift is a programming language created by Apple to make iOS application development simpler and easier. This language is much easier to use than Objective-C as the language usually used by Apple. Apart from that, Swift also makes it easy for beginners to build mobile iOS apps without too much difficulty.

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